This month, I had the privilege of visiting Roskilde, Denmark. Roskilde is home to the Viking Ship Museum. Around the year 1070, five ships were deliberately sunk in the Roskilde Fjord. Archaeologists believe the purpose was to create a barrier which would protect the important waterways from any enemy vessels. The five ships were uncovered by a marine archaeology team in 1962. The five ships are each different, ranging from a cargo vessel to a war ship. In 1969, the Danish government built the museum for the sole purpose of housing the ships.

The museum overlooks the scenic fjord. Touring the museum and gazing at almost one thousand year old Viking ships was a surreal experience for me. I have always loved Vikings, but I have never seen much beyond a few swords and helmets. The Roskilde ships were amazing (check out the pics). On top of seeing the ships, the museum has recreated the ancient ships and every visitor to the museum is able to ride around the fjord in an authentic replica of the viking ships. Awesome! After visiting the Viking Ship Museum, I must say that I have caught a little Viking fever. I am planning on booking my next vacation to Oslo, Norway to tour the other Viking Ship museum. Can’t wait!

Ā 2015-05-23 09.29.55VIking Ships

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