Hedgehog in the Fog

While in Kiev, I was able to visit many strange and fascinating sights. One my favorite oddities in Kiev is the Hedgehog in the Fog Monument.

The Hedgehog in the Fog is a 1975 Russian animated film that won numerous awards…some even rank it as the greatest animated film of all-time.  Regardless of its honors, once you watch it, you will have to admit that it is quite charming.  It’s run time is under ten minutes, so, do yourself a favor and watch this youtube link:

If you watched the short, you’re probably thinking–what in the world was that?!  It’s crazy, I know.  Yet, it’s great nonetheless. At least Ukrainians think so.

Since 2009, the cute little hedgehog has been memorialized by wooden monument in the city center of Kiev.  Located just a stone’s throw from Zolota Vorota (Golden Gate), the hedgehog in the Fog Monument is without a doubt one of the more interesting (and adorable) sights in all of Kiev. So, if you find yourself in Kiev, Ukraine someday, stroll over and say hello to the little hedgehog.


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